I am a Residential Architect working from a SOHO in Adelaide South Australia. I cut my teeth as Cad manager with several of the local Architectural firms before starting my own Architectural practice. I still continue to take on Residential design, but as I am also a Director of ICE architects (Industrial, Commercial, Educational work) I now limit my residential portfolio to interesting projects and Clients that I feel an empathy with.

My Residential Architecture specialty is new homes and home extensions with an emphasis on Passive Solar Design, integration of Landscape and providing a sense of Place.   Architecturally designed swimming pools often feature in my landscapes and spaces that blur the boundaries between indoor and outdoors are a personal favourite.

Learning how to manage an Architectural Practice was part of the syllabus when I studied Architecture at Adelaide Uni back in the early 1990’s….unfortunately almost none of that included anything to do with the reality that is present day Architectural business. This blog will hopefully be a help to young Architects or students in Architecture starting out, as they try and navigate the prospect of starting their own business.  I will attempt to pass on what I have learnt about BIM  (Building Information Management), what are the best 3d programs and how they can be effectively used in a sole practitioner situation. Google is King and without a good background knowledge in how search engines work and can be manipulated a business will find it hard to prosper. With this in mind I have also included information on marketing using the Internet with an emphasis on Google, search engine optimisation, and search engine management.

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EDITORS NOTE: You may also be interested in my old website blog which covered similar topics but is now discontinued since it was on a non-mobile friendly site and didn’t have the ability for a comprehensive social media engagement. It and the website it is embedded within is packed full of useful information.  If you want to understand what an Architect does, what a documentation set looks like, what the costs of documentation and  building are, what the Development approval process is,  how the Planning approval process operates, or check out a host of other interesting things then my old website is worth a visit. It isn’t mobile friendly but if you are using a desktop or tablet there is much to see.