Davey Pool Pump Problem

Davey Silensor Pool Pump: Problem Solved

Bugger!!! went to turn on my Davey Silensor pool pump & it just hummed. At just 5 years old I didn’t want it to fail as this is an expensive item. The power was still connected but the pump didn’t do a thing.

I pulled the power plug out & undid the one screw that held the cover on the pump & looked at the back. There was a slot in the middle of the exposed guts of the thing that had an arrow showing the rotation direction. I put a  screwdriver in & turned. It moved without a lot of friction, so I figured that not too much could be wrong. A bit of Googling & the capacitor seemed to be the main problem with these pumps. I figured he humming sound was an indicator this might be it as I have an old flourescent light that makes the same noise and that (I am told) is the capacitor. In my pump the capacitor is large an inch and a half in diameter & about 3 inches long. It resides in the large hump shape at the top of the pump. My time as a Telecom Tech. 30 years ago had taught me Capacitors are
full of carcinogenic goo, so if it is leaky do not touch the muck oozing
out.  I gently pulled it out & pulled off the connecting tabs (labelling them first).  It actually looked perfect. Not a mark. I strained my eyes.
Perhaps an almost imperceptible bulge in the middle??? After a bit of ringing around I got a replacement one for $25. The bloke in the store told me to keep my receipt & he would give me my money back if it didnt do the job. Sweet!! I put it back in & everything worked fine. Saved me heaps & was pretty easy to do.

Davey Silensor Pool pump with cover off and capacitor removed. Wires ready to connect new capacitor.
Davey Silensor Pool pump with cover off and capacitor removed. Wires ready to connect new capacitor
Davey pool pump capacitor
Davey pool pump capacitor disconnected from pump with pump cover and required tools adjacent

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