Solar Roof is Commissioned

Tractile PV Roof on Marino Pool-House by Adelaide Architect Grant Lucas

The 20kw Tractile BIPV-T Roof to the Solar Poolhouse (Marino, Adelaide South Australia), was installed last month and the Rotex Heat exchange unit has now been commissioned.

The PV roof has been set up as 4 separate interconnected modules, each delivering 5kw of power as well as warm water for the Thermal Exchange unit.

The initial energy statistics are promising. The two Tesla Power Wall batteries will hold a theoretical max charge of 27kw hours. In practice this is actually around 24kw hours due to round trip efficiency (power in to power out ratio). After a 2 hour charge period between 10am and 12noon these were each at 6.3kw hours of storage. With an outside temperature of 46 degrees the AC unit was switched to maximum cooling for a 24 hour period and only 20 % drain of the battery was noted.

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