Solar House BIPV-T Roof Construction

Energy Efficient home with Tractile BIPV-T roof

Solar House BIPV-T Roof Nears Completion

Any practicing Architect will tell you that the fun part is the building process.  Seeing your creation take shape is exciting and fulfilling when it goes well.  As principal of  my own Architectural practice I have the luxury of putting in a little extra time on site.  Not only does it benefit the client, but it benefits my own professional development…. There is always something new to be learnt if you take the time to talk to the Subbies.

The Solar roofed house I designed currently being built at Marino South Australia is progressing nicely. The Alucabond spandrel panel cladding to the eaves is now finished and a plywood base to the Tractile roof has been laid along with a waterproof sarking. This is not a usual construction practice for this product as Tractile PV cells do not require any other cladding underneath. This under-layer was only installed to speed up construction. With this sub-roof in place the build was quickly waterproofed and internal linings could progress whilst the Tractile roof panels were being manufactured.

Pool and External Siteworks

The Infinity pool has had its internal layer of render applied.  The pipework ends have been cleaned and prepared for connection to their fittings and the pool is now ready for tiling.

The pool will be primarily heated by the Tractile roofs thermal water jacket. The Tractile cells are connected together by a reticulation system of water filled pipework that cools the cells down improving their performance. This water is sourced from the roof as rainwater and is stored in tanks below ground in a purpose built plant room.  This rainwater will be used to feed the in floor hydronic heating as well as warm the pool.  This heated water greatly improves the energy efficiency of the system as it is a byproduct of the roofs temperature regulation and so is in effect free energy over and above what is created by the PV cells.

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