Sketchup Pro 2018 Review

Upgrade to Sketchup Pro 2018:

I had been using Sketchup 2015 for 3 years without upgrading. I stand my the motto “If things aren’t broken then don’t mess with them”.  Unfortunately if you miss 3 upgrades you need to buy a new full license rather than just an upgrade…. So I took the plunge and purchased a bright shiny new Sketchup 2018.  It loaded easily (Autodesk take note and be ashamed) and I decided I may as well look at what new features I had.

The best new Feature:

The faster loading times and more elegant coding may be a selling point for computer Geeks but I really didn’t find the old Sketchup to be that slow. It did pretty well everything I asked it….even  on my 5 year old desktop. What I LOVED (and was worth the upgrade price alone) was that the Section tool upgrade. There is now a tick box type setting hidden under the “Styles” menu that will create a poche (those coloured in bits on a drawing that indicate a cut through a solid object) automatically rather than needing to do a complicated workaround. I have been hand drawing my Section poches for years and although it makes the drawings look a lot better and improved readability it really was a time-wasting and laborious process.  I  can now set up a scene using this new  style and just by placing the section plane I immediately have usable output. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again… Gotta love Sketchup!!

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