Embedded Blog Improves Websites Google Visibility

Blogs are still an important SEM tool:

My new website stats were stagnant.  It had been 3 months since I had put the new site together and my Google Search console showed that I only had 4 search queries for the month with around 5 impressions a day and an Average Google position of 72.  I tried adding a couple of additional pages to the Website with lots of pictures and relevant text, but if anything the numbers were getting worse not better.  As a last resort I tried the old trick of embedding a Blog to see if I could improve numbers.  A week after embedding a WordPress Blog and the numbers are looking better…. Around a 100% improvement.  It is early days yet and it could just be a spike, but it seems that embedding the blog has worked.  My impressions are now around 14 a day with an average position of 64.  The  Search Queries have also gone from 4 to 7. Still rubbish numbers but a definite positive movement. The other thing of note is that one of the Additional Queries is “WordPress blog Adelaide”. The Console stats don’t show any of the Blog entries as being indexed yet but the Query about WordPress proves that indexing occurs before it shows up in the Search Console.

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