Using Social Media to Improve Website Ranking

How Setting up a Blog on a Website can Impact Google Rankings:

This is the first post on my new Blog. The aim of this blog is to monitor how setting up a blog on a website can impact Google rankings and ultimately business profitability.

The background is that I have had a successful website for my SOHO Architecture practice for around a decade. I worked hard at putting plenty of useful information onto the site and it paid off by providing me with all the business I needed. I was getting around 7k visitors a month and I had enough work overflow to give jobs away to friends. Life was good!

Smart phones and Social Media changed everything. I had been warned that I should update my site to a mobile friendly format. I had been warned that I should be using Instagram, twitter, facebook, linkdin and Google plus….. I had plenty of work so who cared if the numbers fell off a bit?  All was fine until around 9 months ago.  My visitor stats first fell to around 5k and then has continued to fall  to the point I now am getting around 1.7k visitors a month.

My old site was a dinosaur. It contained hundreds of pages and updating it to become mobile friendly was not just going to be a simple template swap. Some serious work was needed. I made the decision to start up a new clean Architectural site and start again.

It seems that there is a lot more competition out there now, as it hasn’t been easy getting my new site to rank for the terms my old one had ranked well in. It is pointless having a website if all it can be used for is a calling card. Generating  large numbers of Organic search results in Google is the key to success. In order to do that you need lots of impressions and you need a nice low average position.

I have heard it said that Blogs are dead but I am going to give this a crack and see how my rankings improve. Let the game begin!



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