Choosing to Embed a WordPress Blog into an Existing Website

 Serendipity or WordPress  Software for an Embeded Blog:

I have an existing website built with RvSitebuilder. This was the default software that was contained in my Ventraip Cpanel. The help files aren’t great and it has caused me some grief over the years, but since I am now familiar with it I take the “Devil you know” attitude and have recently used it to make a new mobile friendly version of my old website to showcase some of my recent Residential Architectural projects.

RvSitebuilder Serendipity Has a Poor Selection of Social Media Icons:

The problem is that Serendipity, which is the default blog inserted into a RvSitebuilder site doesn’t come with a great selection of Social media icons. The full version is better, but the version used in Rvsitebuilder is a cut down one with fewer options.

The Google Plus one Button and SEO/SEM:

In particular I wanted to insert the Google plus one button as this can help with social marketing as well as providing links back to Google. The Serendipity social media plugin couldn’t do this. I don’t have  any hard proof that the Google plus one button helps with SEO more than any other social media, but since Google is the key to search engine marketing I figure it would be foolish to not have this option on every page. WordPress has a comprehensive selection of social media plugins that can be installed, including the Google plus one button. This fact alone formed my decision to try and install a wordpress blog on my site.  Over 90 percent of all my organic search visitors come from Google. The fact is that Google is a beast that cannot be ignored….to do so is business suicide. Google must also be fed and social media can provide a nice constant stream of “link juice” to keep the monster happy.



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